Artistic Statement

The absolute state of emotional and intelligent equilibrium is art.

The fine balance between the two halves of the brain is where art is formed. But how is it created? How exactly is it born? Certainly, anybody is able to think of a pretty picture. But it takes a person with a truly balanced and intelligent mind to bring their vision into reality. Mankind has a collective idea of what art is, but do they know why? Do they know how? Art in my own words is born from the driven desire to see yourself for who you really are. To create art is to delve into the untouched depths of your very being. To define art is to reflect upon your deepest thoughts and feelings. Art in a sense is mankind trying to understand itself in a way that it can recognize. It is a commentary, a mirror, a looking glass into one’s soul. My work is an exploration of this theory. For each and every color, for each and every stroke is a beam of light that strikes against the enigmatic darkness. I once thought of myself as an impervious mind. There was nothing that could get in and nothing that could get out. Words and speech fail me where art has succeeded. Finding the beauty of others being able to finally understand me through my art has given me newfound strength. Every time a new artwork is created, a small part of myself is revealed to me. One day I will see myself in a true, unfiltered light. Disturbingly real it may be, but that is what the beauty of art is. At least to me.